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Prüvit’s KETO//OS (Keto Operational System) is a proprietary formula which puts your body into ketosis by elevating blood ketone levels within 59 minutes. Keto OS contains patented proprietary ingredients and is the only ketone supplement in the world that uses ketone mineral salts that mimic the human body's natural production of ketones 100%. When our body runs on ketones as its primary energy source, we see: improved mental clarity, fewer cravings, fat loss, muscle preservation, less brain fog, Less inflammation, increased strength, a clean long lasting energy that allows us to be the BEST we can be, The benefits of ketones for the human body is astounding.

You can check out Research here. With over 120 years of research on the benefits of ketones for epileptic patients and other health conditions and diseases, it's no wonder everyone wants to know how to bio-hack their body and feel the benefits. At KetoNZ it's our goal to spread the love and amazing benefits for exogenous ketones. Sound too good to be true? We can Pruvit.


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